Our Works

No matter what size the job is, from small personal projects to extensive corporate campaigns, we aim to provide the same intimate level of care and attention at a budget to suit your requirements. That’s no idle promise, either: we’ve worked with hundreds of individuals, not to mention producing the technical elements of advertising campaigns for companies. It’s our ability to balance the needs of large-scale businesses and individuals looking for professional post-production services that has made us consistently one of the most popular choices in the Hong Kong area, with our clients picking us time and time again.


Who We Are

At Motion Cafe, we pride ourselves on personal service. It’s our dedication to this artisanal, focused work ethic that allows us to make sure that you’re completely satisfied with our work, beginning to end.

Over twenty years of experience in video post-production – coupled with a professional video editing team using the latest technology in digital effects and motion graphics  – ensures that your final project perfectly meets your needs.

In an increasingly competitive, we sincerely hope that our services can help to make both your project and your product stand out and be recognised.